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6 Things To Consider When Getting A Dog Door

6 Things To Consider When Getting A Dog Door

November 15, 2022
Dog biting on a leash in standing behind a brown door

Do you have a fenced yard for your canine companion to patrol and chase squirrels around in? If so, that’s great! While Fido will still need daily walks for exercise and stimulation, it’s definitely nice to be able to let him out to do his business. One thing that can make this even easier is the dog door. But is this really a good idea? Here, a Pasadena, MD vet offers a few things to … Read More »

6 Reasons to Play With Your Dog Daily

June 15, 2018

Does your dog often run up to you, holding his favorite toy? It isn’t easy to refuse these adorable doggy requests. In fact, we strongly recommend that you indulge Fido, and spend time playing with him every day. Playing is actually great for our canine pals! In this article, a Pasadena, MD vet lists some great reasons to play with your pup regularly. Exercise Just like people, dogs need regular exercise to stay healthy. Playing … Read More »

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