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Deborah Eicher
Office Manager
Deborah grew up right here in Glen Burnie, where her family always kept a dog around the house. She can’t remember a time when she didn’t enjoy the company of animals—there is nothing she would rather do than help pets and the people who care for them to live happier, healthier lives. Deborah has spent nearly her entire career serving pets and animal parents here at Glen Burnie Animal Hospital!

Deborah worked at the Department of Defense immediately after high school when she was only 17 years old. She remained there for six years before taking some time off to raise her son. When Deborah was ready to rejoin the workforce, she came across an advertisement for an opening here at the hospital—she was hired on as a receptionist, and has been here ever since! Now, Deborah has served as Glen Burnie Animal Hospital’s Office Manager and Head Receptionist for more than 30 fulfilling years.

Deborah has two grown children, a stepson, and three beautiful grandchildren who are the light of her life. She shares her home with Fiona, an orange tabby cat who is happiest relaxing on Deborah’s lap and sleeping with her at night. When she isn’t spending quality time with family or helping things run smoothly here at the hospital, Deborah likes getting together with friends, relaxing with a good book or movie, and traveling. She frequently travels to New York to see her daughter, and has also visited the Caribbean, England, and Scotland. Deborah even lived in Australia for three years!
Pam Johnson
Veterinary Technician Manager
Pam remembers the day her family Chihuahua, Fang, had an accident at her childhood home. After an emergency veterinary visit and a weekend spent waiting with bated breath, Pam and her family got the good news that Fang would make a full recovery! Although Pam was only a child at the time, the experience made a lasting impression. As fate would have it, she’s now able to give other families that same joy as a veterinary professional.

Pam has spent her entire veterinary career—a total of 30 fulfilling years—right here at Glen Burnie Animal Hospital. She started out as a weekend receptionist before becoming a Veterinary Assistant, then started training on-the-job to become a Veterinary Technician. Pam also spent time serving as the Hospital Manager, and now manages the clinic’s team of skilled Veterinary Technicians.

When time allows away from work, Pam enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. Along with her husband—an Army veteran and a former employee of Glen Burnie Animal Hospital!—she shares her life with her daughter and four step-daughters.
Kasey Cresta
Veterinary Technician
Kasey spent time growing up on her grandparents’ farm in Bristol, Tennessee when she was very young. It was there that she made her first connections to the earth’s creatures—caring for the farm animals made a permanent impression that hasn’t wavered to this day. Kasey always knew that she was destined for a career in animal medicine!

Kasey is originally from Baltimore and launched her career in animal care by volunteering at the Baltimore Zoo while she was still in high school. After several Volunteer-of-the-Month awards, she was offered a position as a Zookeeper Assistant! Kasey worked there for the next three years and developed a love for reptiles, amphibians, and birds; she was even profiled in the Catonsville and Arbutus Times for her work. Next, she took a job at a local pet store as an Animal Care Specialist, developing her customer service sills, before signing on at another local animal hospital to learn the ropes of the veterinary profession.

Kasey joined the Glen Burnie Animal Hospital team in 2012 as a Veterinary Technician. She has special interests in dental work, and also loves to assist during surgeries. Kasey’s favorite part of her job, though, is getting to meet a wide variety of pets and their loving owners every day!

Most of Kasey’s hobbies outside of work involve animal care as well. She takes care of stray cat colonies in the wintertime, feeding and providing shelter during the coldest months, and also frequently pet-sits for friends and clients. Along with her husband and their young son, Kasey shares her home with three cats—Jynx, Bunny, and Yas—as well as an Eastern Box Turtle and nine aquariums full of freshwater exotic fish.
Edith Cartzendafner
Edith was born in Germany, but has lived right here in Glen Burnie for most of her life. Ever since she can remember, she’s wanted to do her part to brighten the days of others. Working as a receptionist here at the hospital gives Edith the best of both worlds: she gets to improve the lives of pets while ultimately making a difference for the community’s families!

Edith began working here at Glen Burnie Animal Hospital on a part-time basis in 2003. She’s been a member of the clinic family ever since! Edith’s favorite part of every shift is getting to greet her fellow coworkers, her beloved clients, and their adorable pets.

In her free time, Edith can be found enjoying quality time with family, working in her yard, working on a puzzle or board game, and trying out restaurants around town. She shares her home with several pets: two cats who go by Charlie and Raven; Oakley the French Bulldog; and a 25-year old African Grey Parrot named Harley.
Kimberly Cramer
Growing up, Kimberly spent time around all sorts of animals—her family kept everything from dogs and cats to ducks, fish, geese, and rabbits. For her, being able to give something back to the pets who have given her so much is a dream come true. Kimberly is proud to serve as a member of Glen Burnie Animal Hospital’s front-desk team!

Kimberly has been a member of the hospital family since November of 2017. Her favorite parts of the job are seeing the outcomes of pets’ recoveries and getting to work alongside a passionate team of animal-lovers just like herself.

At home, Kimberly has several pets of her own; she likes to call her home a miniature zoo! She has two Pugs, a Pomeranian, and six cats.

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