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Creating A Kitty Enclosure

October 15, 2022

Have you noticed that cat enclosures are becoming more popular? Our feline friends love going outside, but it isn’t really safe to let them wander freely. The kitty enclosure has emerged as a great compromise. These custom kitty buildings can keep Fluffy safe and sound while allowing her to enjoy sunshine, fresh air, and stimulation. In this article, a Pasadena, MD vet offers some advice on building one.


Choosing the right spot is very important. Ideally, you want a place where Fluffy can enjoy watching things like birds or squirrels. Many people choose to put catios outside existing windows. This provides a safe entry point while leaving your home structurally intact. A lockable cat door can help keep it secure. (Tip: look for ones that were made to fit windows.) You can also put the catio in your yard, and let your furry little friend go back and forth through a tunnel. You’ll also need to consider things like shade, sun, and terrain. We recommend choosing a spot that is on level ground, preferably in a spot that offers a mix of sun and shade.

The Build

You’ll find all sorts of plans for enclosures online. While some are fairly complex, many others are actually very easy to build. Choose one that will work for your skills, space, and budget. As far as materials, there are plenty of options to choose from. Wire fencing, such as poultry wire, may work well for the walls. Just make sure that it’s secure, so Fluffy stays in and everything else stays out. For the frame, lumber is probably going to be your best bet. As for the roof, a polycarbonate covering will keep your feline buddy safe and dry, and will also provide shade in summer. For flooring, you can add artificial grass, outdoor carpet, brick pavers or deck boards.


Don’t forget the decor! Outdoor rugs will definitely spruce up your furball’s ‘cat house’. If you add toys, choose things that can hold up to outdoor exposure. Many typical kitty toys, like catnip mice, will quickly get dusty and dirty. Fluffy may also appreciate things like scratching posts, cat towers, catwalks, and boxes or condos. Pet safe plants are also a great addition. The ASPCA has a great list available on their website here.

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