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Gadgets For Fluffy

September 01, 2022

The world has seen some pretty astonishing advances in technology over the past century. Of course, our feline friends have pretty much spent this time doing what they always do: napping, looking cute, and judging us. Of course, cats haven’t been left behind here. While Fluffy was napping, all sorts of hi-tech kitty gadgets have been released. In fact, there are currently more than 10,000 cat gadgets on Amazon alone! A Pasadena, MD vet lists some of Fluffy’s favorites below.

Litterbox Subscriptions

Buying litterboxes isn’t exactly rocket science, but it’s definitely getting closer to it. You can now find a variety of self-cleaning litterboxes. You can also get litters that change color when certain substances or hormones are detected in Fluffy’s litter. The one you probably weren’t expecting? A monthly litterbox subscription that sends you a different disposable box each month.

Smart Toys

Laser pointers are definitely one of Fluffy’s favorite new gadgets. While you can’t go wrong with the basic ones, you can now find all sorts of different versions. There are even smart ones you can use to play with your cat remotely, using your smartphone.


Did you know there are video games just for Fluffy? You can load these on any touchscreen phone or tablet. Your furball may really enjoy playing with ‘digital ‘mice’ or spiders. (Or, she may just look at you with that adorably unimpressed expression kitties get sometimes.)

Scratching Posts

Fluffy’s scratching posts have also gotten some pretty cute upgrades. Your feline pal can sharpen her nails on a cactus, taco, tree, or rocket!


Many pets prefer to drink running water. Fountains can help your furry friend stay hydrated, which is absolutely crucial for her health.

Smart Feeders

Does your feline buddy have a bottomless pit for a stomach? Do you sometimes work long hours, leaving your cat home alone? Smart feeders can help ensure that Fluffy gets her kibble on time.

Remote-Controlled Toys

Kitties love to run and chase after small animals: it’s instinctive to their nature as hunters. Playing is more fun and more challenging for Fluffy when she has ‘active’ prey. You can find automated playthings that react to your furball’s movements, or ones that you can control with a handheld device.

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