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Keeping The Peace With Cats And Dogs

August 01, 2022

August 8th is Odie Day! This is to honor the lovable, drooling pooch that plays second fiddle to his roommate, the sarcastic, lasagna-loving Garfield, in Jim Davis’ Garfield comic universe. The two are secretly quite fond of each other, but that doesn’t stop them from bickering. This is something many of our clients can relate to! Sometimes cats and dogs fight like … well, cats and dogs. Here, a Pasadena, MD vet offers some advice on keeping the peace.

Make Introductions Slowly

Shortly after Odie joined the household, Garfield made a wisecrack about his canine roommate being boring. In reality, you’ll want to go a bit slower with this. Let Fluffy and Fido get used to each other’s scents before letting them interact.

Offer Safe Spaces

Over the years, Garfield has yeeted Odie off the table more times than we could count. Odie, fortunately, hasn’t been (too) seriously injured in these mishaps. However, normally, the cat is in more danger than the dog. Make sure Fluffy always has a safe space to retreat to.

Offer Plenty Of Resources

Many of Garfield and Odie’s conflicts have been over food. Whether it’s Odie locking Garfield and Jon out of a car so he can have their dinner, or Garfield tricking Odie into giving him his lunch, these two are always looking to score some extra kibble. Make sure there is plenty of everything. One option is to feed your cat on a higher spot. You can also put Fluffy’s food in a small utility room, and install a cat door for access.

Choose A Good Pair

Fluffy and Fido may never be as close as Garfield and Odie pretend not to be, but they should learn to at least tolerate each other in time. Of course, this really depends on both pets’ ages and histories. Pick a pooch that’s friendly with kitties … and a cat that won’t roll your dog into a snowman.

Give It Time

One of the few things Garfield and Odie agree on? They both find Nermal, the World’s Cutest Kitten, extremely annoying. It really takes time for pets to get used to each other. Be sure to make introductions slowly. Don’t leave your furry pals unattended until you’re sure they are getting along!

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