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Fluffy’s Summer Agenda

July 15, 2022

Summer is in full swing now, and it’s going by pretty fast. We know a lot of you are going to be busy with all of the things that were canceled last year and the year before. Of course, our feline friends have some plans of their own. Read on as a local Pasadena, MD vet lists a few of the things on your kitty’s to-do list.

Be A Speed Bump

Cats are pretty good at getting comfortable, a skill that comes in handy when they want to stay cool. One of Fluffy’s tricks for beating the heat is to sprawl out on a cool surface .. like the kitchen floor. She gets extra points for being in the line of traffic.

Soak Up The Sun

Our feline pals aren’t cold-blooded, but they do love finding warm napping spots. It’s probably safe to say that you’ll find your cat snoozing in a sunbeam quite often over the next few months.

Kitty Yoga

Fluffy may have a different take on fitness than we do, but she does understand the importance of stretching and staying limber. Your furry little buddy may work on some difficult poses this summer, such as the Pretzel or the Yarn Knot.

Summer Reading

Summer reading lists aren’t as popular as they once were, but they seem to be making a bit of a comeback. Of course, Fluffy gets her page counts in by sleeping on top of your books, magazines, and computers.


We always recommend keeping kitties inside: we just can’t overstate how much safer they are. However, your furball can still get a little taste of the outdoors. Offer your cat a comfy window seat, preferably one with a good view.

Moth Patrol

Kitties may be small, bossy, and rather judgmental, but they really do appreciate the love and care we give them, and try to give back however they can. One of Fluffy’s ways of doing her part around the house? Getting rid of any intruding moths.


No surprises here! No matter what time of year it is, Fluffy will strive to keep up with that vigorous napping schedule.

Protection Duties

Does Fluffy follow you around from room to room? She’s just trying to keep you safe from any unauthorized mice or dust bunnies!

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