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Fluffy’s Pet Peeves

May 15, 2022

Does your cat hate being picked up? Or maybe she gets a ‘cattitude’ if you move her mid-nap? Kitties may be small, but they are quite opinionated, and aren’t afraid to speak their minds … especially when they are annoyed? What does rub Fluffy the wrong way, aside from literally being rubbed the wrong way? A Pasadena, MD vet lists a few things below.

Forced Attention

While cats can be cuddly, it’s extremely important that they only be petted on their own terms. This can be tricky: too much attention, too little attention, and the wrong kind of attention are all serious transgressions in the kitty rule book. Some of these may even get you scratched!

Empty Food Bowls

Nothing can send Fluffy into meltdown mode quicker than spotting the bottom of her food bowl … even if she’s already had breakfast. Talk to your vet about your cat’s nutritional needs.

Dirty Litterboxes

We can’t blame our feline overlords for this one. Nobody likes a dirty bathroom! Keep your kitty’s powder room clean!

Loud Noises

It’s not really a surprise that most cats prefer their kingdoms to be kept fairly quiet. After all, Fluffy does spend the vast majority of her time snoozing. However, if you drop a pan or hit an alarm, you can probably expect to see your furball hightailing it out of the room at top kitty speed.


There are a few kitties out there that apparently missed this memo. Some cats, such as Bengals and Turkish Angoras, actually do like water. That said, most of our feline pals are definitely not fans of getting wet. (To be fair, Fluffy may have a point here. Wet cat fur gives off a distinct smell, which could attract predators. Kitties could also easily get swept away in strong currents. They also look a bit silly when they’re sopping wet.)


Fluffy and Fido can coexist peacefully, and they occasionally become best buds. However, there are plenty of cats and dogs who find each other uncouth and rather purrplexing.


Boredom may not seem like a huge issue for an animal that spends 2/3rds of their life sleeping. However, Fluffy can’t nap all the time. Offer your furry friend lots of toys, and play with her regularly!

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