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Change A Pet’s Life Day

January 15, 2022

Change A Pet’s Life Day is coming up January 24th. The day you bring your new furry friend home—sometimes called Gotcha Day—is a pretty big deal for both you and your new pet. It actually counts as a major life event, as far as we’re concerned. A local Pasadena, MD vet offers some advice on that big day below.

Be Prepared

You want to have everything ready and waiting for your new arrival. Your shopping list should include basics, such as food, dishes, bedding, toys, and treats. Fluffy will need a litterbox and litter, while Fido should have a leash and collar.

Expect The Unexpected

Our four-legged friends are all unique individuals, and they all have their own quirks. Fido and Fluffy may have some phobias you don’t know about yet. Pay close attention to how they react to things!

Don’t Force Attention

Going to a new home is a huge change for pets, and one that often takes them time to adjust to. Offering toys, treats, and a comfy bed will go a long way towards helping your furry buddy feel safe. However, while you may be smitten with your new pal, it’s important to earn their trust. Don’t force attention on them!


We also recommend doing some petproofing. Address anything that could be a potential hazard. That includes small or sharp objects; plastic ties and wrappers; chemicals; medicine; ropes and cords; and anything that could be toxic. If you’re adopting an older pet, you may also want to get some pet ramps or stairs, and perhaps some carpet runners. Your vet can give you specific advice.


Don’t forget to take some pictures of the big day! We love seeing dogs and cats being welcomed into their new families.

Spread The Word

Adopting a pet isn’t the only way you can participate in Change A Pet’s Life Day. If you know of an animal that’s in a bad situation, alert local authorities. (You should be able to do so anonymously in most places.) Or, consider donating funds to a pet’s surgical or care costs. Volunteering or even fostering also counts. All of these things can add up to huge changes for our furry friends!

Have you recently adopted a pet? Please contact us, your Pasadena, MD animal clinic, for all of your furry buddy’s veterinary care needs. We’re always happy to help!

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