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Playing With Your Dog

November 18, 2021

Play is an important part of dogs’ lives. It’s not only fun, it can also help prevent many behavioral problems. Playing with Fido regularly will also teach you about your canine buddy’s personality, boost his confidence, and lessen his chances of being bored or frustrated. A local Pasadena, MD vet goes over some doggy play basics below.


Playing with Fido every day will strengthen the relationship between you, and help keep your dog feeling safe and happy. Playing also provides your pooch with valuable exercise and socialization. Plus, it can prevent doggy boredom, and also satisfies your pup’s natural hunting and pack instincts.


Fido can play with a variety of toys, such as squeaky toys, balls, and tug toys. There are also many interactive toys available, such as laser pointers. Our canine pals all have their own tastes in toys, so pay attention to your pooch, and see what he likes.


Fetch is one of Fido’s favorite games. While not all dogs have figured out the actual Fetch part, most will instinctively run after things. Just remember all our furry pals have individual likes and dislikes. Some dogs love to fetch and retrieve. Others become easily frustrated if the ball keeps coming back. You may need to try a few things to find your pup’s favorite game.

Getting Started
Fido loves to play! He may try to engage you in the game by bouncing around. Or, he might run up to you holding a toy. Just choose a safe place for doggy playtime, such as a fenced yard.

Keep It Pawsitive

You should only play with your pup if you are in a good mood. If you are tired, stressed, or worried, Fido will pick up on it, and could get uneasy. Also, be sure to only use safe toys.

Begin by telling Fido it’s playtime. Take one of his toys and hold it in front of him, then throw the toy out of his reach. Your furry friend will probably run after his toy, just by instinct. This can be a great doggy workout!


Some dogs get a bit too worked up during playtime. If your furry pal starts to behave aggressively or gets overexcited during a game, stop the play session.

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