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Bringing A Senior Dog Home

November 01, 2021

November is Adopt A Senior Dog Month! We love seeing pooches in their senior years getting second chances. Senior dogs can make absolutely wonderful pets. They’re not only super cute, they are also usually very calm, friendly, and affectionate. Plus, they’re usually already trained! Of course, going to a new home is a big deal for Fido. Read on as a local Pasadena, MD vet offers some advice on helping your new canine buddy get settled.

Luxury Bed

One of the best things that you can do for Fido is get him a good bed. Senior dogs can get quite stiff and sore, and a thin cushion won’t offer your furry buddy much support. Orthopedic doggy beds are generally the best bet for older pets. Your pooch may also appreciate small doggy luxuries, such as pet ramps, soft toys, and a pet fountain.

Proper Diet

Proper nutrition is key to your canine companion’s health at any age. If you can find out what Fido was eating, get that brand to start. Ask your vet for specific nutritional recommendations, including tips on serving sizes, supplements, and treats. If you need to change your pup’s food, be sure to do so slowly.


Dogs always feel safest when they’re on a steady routine for things like walks, meals, and playtime. Get Fido started out on his new doggy schedule right away.


Most older dogs are well past that destructive digging and chewing stage, but you’ll still need to make your home safe for Fido by removing things that could be hazardous, such as toxic plants and medicines. Be on the lookout for things that could cause trips or falls. Fireplaces, pools, and stairs can all be very dangerous for older dogs. You may also want to put area rugs or runners down on your floors.

A Safe Place

Dogs get very attached to their humans. Fido may be confused as to why his old owner isn’t caring for him anymore, and he may have been traumatized by having been in a shelter. Just make sure he feels safe, comfortable, and loved, and give him time to settle in. If you have other pets, make introductions slowly, and monitor all interactions at first. You’ll get that tail going in no time!

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