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Celebrating National Relaxation Day With Fluffy

August 15, 2021

Today, August 15 is National Relaxation Day! Of course, for our feline patients, every day is relaxation day. Cats are very, very good at relaxing, lounging about, resting, and reclining. This is a purrfect time to spend some quality time with your cute pet! A Pasadena, MD vet lists a few things you may want to put on your to-do list below.

Order In

You can’t really have a proper relaxation day without good food. If you don’t feel much like cooking, opt for takeout or delivery. As for Fluffy, offer her a special treat. Some plain, cooked fish or chicken, without the skin, bones, or fat is a good option. Your furball may also like some plain tuna, or a little deli meat.


No surprises here: Fluffy is a great napping buddy. If you’re not one for naps, just take some downtime doing what you enjoy. Making sure that you’re getting enough rest is crucial to your health and well-being!

Bed Upgrade

As far as our feline buddies are concerned, there is simply no such thing as too many beds. Get Fluffy a new pet bed to look adorable in. A bedding upgrade is also a great gift for yourself, but you don’t have to go all-out. You can also do something smaller, and maybe get new sheets, a comforter, or a throw pillow.

Movie Time

Watching a good show or movie is a perfect way to relax. Opt for something that features our feline friends!
Online Shopping
The computer age definitely has lots of pros and cons. One of the pluses is being able to order things with a few quick keystrokes. Get Fluffy some new toys, or perhaps some catnip. If you want to really spoil your adorable pet, sign her up for a kitty subscription box. Every month, your furball will get her own box of goodies. (She’ll also get the box itself, which is of course a huge plus for her.)

Purrs And Cuddles

Cats are just the perfect size to fit into our arms, snooze on our laps, and snuggle up with us at night. Many of these little furballs are super affectionate and love to cuddle. Even aloof kitties enjoy attention. Spend some extra time with your pet, and get that motor going!

Please contact us, your Pasadena, MD pet hospital, anytime. We’re here to help!

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