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7 Cute Ways to Celebrate DOGust

August 01, 2021

Did you adopt your canine companion from a shelter? If so you may want to put a little pawprint on your calendar for August 1st: it’s DOGust, the universal shelter dog birthday. That’s not to be confused with Gotcha Day, which is the day you adopted your furry buddy. Of course, both are worth celebrating! A local Pasadena, MD vet lists a few things you can do for Fido’s special day below.

Photo Shoot

There’s just no such thing as too many adorable dog photos. Take some time to get some really cute pictures of your four-legged friend.


Want to really get that cute tail going? Buy or make Fido a doggy birthday cake. (Note: this is a great chance for that photo opportunity we mentioned.) There are plenty of recipes available online. You just need to stick with pet-safe ingredients. 


Dogs are always really cute when they are playing with something new. Pick up something fun for Fido, and indulge him in a doggy play session.


No doggy holiday is complete without a few special snacks. Store-bought treats are fine, but your pup may also enjoy something homemade. Fido can also have some plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry, as long as you have removed the skin, bones, and fat.

Drive In

Man’s Best Buddy absolutely loves going on adventures. Head off on a fun one-tank trip with Fido and a few close friends or family members. There’s no better way to spend a summer afternoon than by exploring a pretty new spot with your furry best friend!

Splashing Around

The Dog Days of summer are often scorchers. If Fido likes to swim, take him to your favorite spot. Or, let him play in a kiddie pool or pet fountain.

Helping Paw

Don’t forget about all of the other adorable pets that are still in shelters, hoping someone will adopt them. Adoption is a huge commitment, so we don’t advise bringing home another pet unless you’ve thought long and hard about it first. If you want to do something on a smaller scale, consider volunteering or even fostering. Donations will help as well, as will spreading the word on social media. Every little bit helps!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Pasadena, MD animal clinic, we’re here to help.

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