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Pet Fire Safety Day

July 15, 2021

Pet Fire Safety Day is today, July 15th. While we hope that none of you ever have to deal with a house fire, this is one area where preparations and precautions can make a huge difference. A Pasadena, MD vet offers some pet fire safety tips in this article.


Candles may make your home look, feel, and smell cozy and inviting, but don’t forget the danger they can pose. Keep them in high spots, so Fido can’t smack them with his tail and Fluffy can’t singe herself. Wall sconces are a safe bet. We also recommend using thick candle holders. Or, better yet, opt for electrical candles.


Fireplaces also offer a great aesthetic. However, it’s best that you put a thick grate before yours. You may not think your pet would fall in, but anything is possible with our furry friends. This will also help keep Fido and Fluffy from knocking anything else into the fire.

Gas Stoves

It’s probably safe to say that most of our feline patients probably aren’t going to turn a gas burner on. However, larger dogs can bump into the knobs and turn them. Play it safe, and get some child proof covers.


If you have a yard for Fido to play in, or if you let your feline friend go outside, you’ll need a water station outdoors. Don’t use glass bowls on wooden decks. Because of the way the sunlight goes through the glass, these can actually start fires.

Fire Stickers

Window stickers can literally be lifesavers. You can get some that say what type of pets you have, and how many. This can be a great help to firefighters.

Alarm System

This one doesn’t just involve pets: it’s just a good precaution in general. Alarm systems can alert authorities about fires, even if one starts when no one is home. Consider getting a monitored alarm system. Camera apps can also come in handy, though they don’t provide the same level of protection.


We always recommend hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. Make sure that everyone in your household is on the same page as far as disaster planning. Include the pets in these preparations. This could mean putting one person in charge of pet safety,

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