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Summer Cat Care Tips

July 01, 2021

Summer is here! Many kitties love this time of year. They get to roll around in sunbeams, and chase moths and butterflies. Of course, heat can be dangerous for cats. Fluffy can’t easily cool off if she gets too hot. Read on for some great summer cat care tips from a Pasadena, MD veterinarian.


First things first. Make sure your furry pal has lots of fresh water. You can drop an ice cube or two into her bowl on hot days if you like. Fluffy should also always have access to cool, shaded areas to nap, relax, and look smug.

Paw Care

Keep an eye on your kitty’s paws. Fluffy’s little toe beans are very sensitive, and they can easily get burned by hot surfaces. Cats can also get pebbles or pieces of tar stuck between their toes.


Many popular plants are toxic to our feline friends. Take time to check the plants you have in your yard, and make sure that they are safe for Fluffy. The ASPCA has a full list here.

Keep Up with Preventative Care  

This time of year is when Fluffy is at the highest risk of encountering other wild animals, or having issues with parasites. Keep your furball up to date with her vaccinations and parasite control.

Ground The Furball

Fluffy may enjoy outdoor kitty activities, like refusing to come when called and leaving paw art on your freshly-washed windshield. However, she’s much safer staying inside.

Provide Kitty Luxuries

It doesn’t take much to turn your home into a luxury mansion for a cat. Make sure your fuzzy buddy has lots of fun toys, and take time to play with her regularly.

Offer A Kitty Garden

A few small touches can go a long way towards keeping your feline pal happy and healthy. Offer your furball some nontoxic plants to sniff on and nibble at. If you want to go all-out, you can even offer her an indoor kitty garden!

Cold Snacks

Ice cream is a summer classic, one that never gets old. Fluffy can enjoy her own version of this popular snack. You can find kitty ice cream in many supermarkets and pet stores. You can also offer your pet chilled tuna in water, or some cold sodium-free broth.

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