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Keeping a Senior Cat Purring

May 15, 2021

Is your kitty getting up there in years? Fluffy will be just as cute and lovable as she was when she was a kitten, but she’ll need more TLC. One thing that is very important is just keeping your pet happy and comfortable. A local Pasadena, MD vet offers some advice on this below.


First things first. Make sure Fluffy is getting great food, fresh water, and clean litter. It’s also important to keep up with her veterinary care and grooming needs.


Pay Fluffy lots of attention. This doesn’t necessarily mean picking her up fifty times a day. In fact, it doesn’t need to take up much time at all. If you walk past the bed she’s sleeping on, give her a quick forehead scritch. If she’s hanging out at your feet, just talk to her.

Easy Access Beds

Our feline pals are very sleepy. One of the best ways to pamper any cat is to offer her lots of beds. Senior kitties also like napping on blankets folded up and placed on ottomans. 


Fluffy will slow down as she grows older, but she’ll always be a kitten at heart. Taking a few minutes a day to play with your furry buddy will benefit her both mentally and physically. In fact, the mental stimulation your pet gets from this may help ward off the cognitive decay some cats face as they grow older.


Kitties are very much creatures of habit. If you pay attention, you’ll probably find that Fluffy sticks to a pretty set agenda for her naps, meals, and beauty sessions. Try not to disrupt this routine.


If you really want to keep that motor going, you’ll need to make sure that Fluffy knows she is loved and safe. Snuggles are great for this! Let your pet snooze on your lap, and make space for her to snuggle up with you at night.

Be Gentle

Always be very gentle when picking Fluffy up or putting her down. When you hold her, make sure her weight is supported by her rump or rear legs. Then, when it’s time to put her down, don’t just drop her. Make sure those cute paws are on the ground before you let go.

Please contact us, your Pasadena, MD veterinary clinic, with any questions or concerns about senior cat care. We’re here to help!

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