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Every Day is Tag Day!

April 01, 2021

There’s a very important pet holiday coming up. The first Saturday in April–which is the 3rd this year–is always Every Day Is Tag Day. Making sure that your furry best friend is wearing proper ID tags is very important. In fact, this simple step could one day save your pet’s life! A Pasadena, MD vet discusses the importance of tags in this article.

Why Tags Are Important

Tags are still the simplest and easiest way for someone to reunite you and your missing pet. It’s the first thing people will look at when they find a lost animal!


Tags are very important, but they shouldn’t be the only form of ID your pet has. Microchips are also crucial! This quick and easy procedure has helped thousands—perhaps millions—of pets reunite with their worried owners. Plus, while ID tags can come off, microchips are permanent. If your pet hasn’t had this procedure done, contact your vet right away.

Choosing Tags

There are many places where you can buy customized tags for your furry bff. Be sure to include at least a name and phone number. We do recommend adding the word ‘Reward’ to the tag. Even offering a small reward can significantly increase the odds of someone returning your pet. If your four-legged friend has been microchipped, you may want to include that information as well. This can be very helpful if your beloved pet ever is turned in to a shelter or animal clinic.


You may also want to keep copies of your four-legged friend’s registration and paperwork with you. If you ever had to go to an emergency shelter, this information may be required, along with proof that your pet is current on rabies and vaccinations. Take pictures of the forms with your phone, or keep copies in your glove box.


You can also have a bit of fun choosing your pet’s tags. Why not get pink tags for a pampered princess pup? Or, if you and Fido are more athletic, look for tags that incorporate the logo of your favorite sports team. Just make sure that the tags do not have any sharp edges that could hurt your pet. They also shouldn’t be too heavy.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Pasadena, MD veterinary clinic, we are here to help!

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