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Tips for Adopting a Rescued Bird

January 15, 2021

January is Adopt A Rescued Bird Month! If you’re considering bringing a new pet into your home, please think about adopting a bird. Our feathered friends make wonderful pets and companions! A local Pasadena, MD vet offers some advice on this below.

Do Some Research

Did you know that there are 370 known species of parrots alone? A parakeet is going to have slightly different care needs than an African grey, while a finch will be quite different from a Macaw. Do some research into Polly’s specific breed, and learn more about her care needs.

Be Prepared To Commit

It’s always very sad when animals get adopted, only to end up back at the shelter. Don’t finalize the adoption process unless you are ready, willing, and able to care for Polly for the rest of her life.

Consider Lifespan

Speaking of lifespans, this is also something to think about. Some of our feathered pals can live as much as 50 years!

Measure, Then Shop

Polly definitely deserves a comfy, roomy cage. We always advise getting the biggest one you can afford. You may want to pick the spot first, and measure the space you have available. Then, take those measurements with you when you go shopping.

Be Ready To Birdproof

Birds are very small and delicate, and can get injured quite easily. Some of the things that can endanger Polly include ceiling fans, window treatments, candles, and anything small or sharp. Air quality is also very important. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Don’t Expect Perfection

Birds are very emotional, and they can form very close bonds to their humans. Polly may be depressed at being separated from her last owner. Or, if she came from a bad situation, she may also have fear and anxiety issues. Give her time to adjust and settle in.

Get A Great Avian Vet

One of the first things you’ll want to do is introduce Polly to her new doctor. She’ll likely need a full exam, including diagnostic tests. It’s important to have a great vet that is familiar with birds!

Pat Yourself On The Back

We always love seeing pets getting happy endings. Giving Polly a wonderful forever home is a very selfless and beautiful thing to do. Give yourself a round of applause!

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