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Halloween With Kitties

October 15, 2020

Halloween is coming up quickly. Many of our feline patients are feeling extra frisky lately, as the temperatures cool. This can be a dangerous time of year for kitties! You’ll want to take a few simple precautions to keep your furry buddy happy, healthy, and purring. A Pasadena, MD vet discusses Halloween cat care below.


Just like any other holiday, Halloween poses some specific dangers to pets. Candles and fireplaces are one concern. It’s much too easy for Fluffy to put her tail too close to a flame! You’ll also need to be careful with sweets. Many candies contain things like chocolate, nuts, raisins, or xylitol, which are toxic to cats. While most kitties are pretty good about avoiding dangerous foods, some of these little furballs will eat, well, anything. Hard candies are also a choking hazard, as are plastic wrappers. Finally, keep anything with small parts, sharp edges, or dangling threads out of paws’ reach.

Photo Session

Why not snap some cute seasonal photos of your furry buddy? There’s just no such thing as too many cute cat photos! For props, you can use any type of Halloween decoration, such as pumpkins, scarecrows, coffee cups, or even leaves. 


As you may know, black cats are the unofficial mascot of Halloween. Unfortunately, that publicity hasn’t been good for Fluffy. Black cats have (unfairly) been connected to witchcraft since the Middle Ages. These old wives tales still ‘purrsist,’ to this day. As a result, black kitties are considered bad luck, and often have a hard time getting adopted. Sadly, they’re also at high risk of going missing around Halloween. While we recommend keeping all cats indoors, this goes double for black ones, especially at this time of year. Traffic, cold temperatures, and short days also make this a very dangerous time for our feline friends! 


Cold, dreary days make perfect napping weather. Get your furball a comfy new bed! As far as kitties are concerned, you can never have too many cozy napping spots. If Fluffy is a lapcat, she may want to curl up with you. In fact, settling in with a comfy blanket, a cup of coffee, a good book or movie, and a purring feline is a great way to spend a rainy autumn afternoon. 

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