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Home Schooling With Dogs

September 01, 2020

Have you joined the ranks of people home schooling their kids this year? This has been a huge change for a lot of people. Many parents, children, and teachers are looking forward to returning to traditional schools. On a brighter note, quite a few of our canine companions are absolutely delighted to be spending more time with their humans. What do you do when there’s a pooch in the classroom? Read on for some tips from a Pasadena, MD veterinarian on balancing dog parenting with education. 


Pets and children both thrive on routine. Try to align Fido’s doggy itinerary with the kids’ school schedule. Walk and feed your four-legged pal before classes start. Take him out again at lunchtime, and then after school ends. 


Get into the habit of making at least one daily recess a doggy play session. Kids and dogs make great playmates! Plus, the fresh air and exercise will benefit everyone.


Many of our canine pals really do enjoy learning new things. However, Fido isn’t going to be particularly interested in schoolbooks, quizzes, or homework. He may also request belly rubs, playtime, or treats in the middle of class. If he’s distracting your children, tire him out with a long walk and a fun play session before starting the day’s lessons. Treat-dispensing toys can also help keep dogs occupied. 


Why not include your furry best friend in the learning? If Fido could stand a little more training, carve out a few minutes a day for his lessons. Making sure that your pup knows—and obeys—simple commands like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down is very important! 


Dogs are both curious and playful, and they’re always extremely interested in finding out what certain things taste like. Unfortunately, some school supplies are quite dangerous for pups. Keep things like glue, scissors, markers, pens, and pencils out of paws’ reach. (And yes, sometimes Fido does eat homework. Put that away as well.)

Arts And Crafts

You can also incorporate Fido into the school day when it’s time for arts and crafts. Have the kids draw their furry buddy, or make him homemade toys. Another option is to have your youngsters read some classic books about animals, and then write reports on them.

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