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Things Cats Consider Emergencies

August 15, 2020

Our feline pals are extremely entertaining! These little furballs are always putting smiles on our faces with their adorable antics. However, Fluffy is never more adorable than when she is focusing on something she clearly considers Important Kitty Business. What constitutes a five-alarm warning for a cat? A Pasadena, MD vet lists some things that your pet would consider a kitty crisis below.


Your pampered house pet is actually a fierce predator by nature. This is never more apparent than when Fluffy finds herself faced by a fierce adversary … such as an unauthorized moth, mouse, or even a bat!


Cats aren’t technically cold-blooded, but we aren’t entirely sure they realize this. Fluffy is always on the hunt for warm napping spots. When it gets chilly, your feline buddy may sprawl out in a sunbeam, and even move around a bit so she can soak up every last bit of warmth.

Bottom Of The Food Bowl

Kitties are more finicky than dogs, but they still take their meal schedules seriously. Fluffy may become quite agitated if she spots the bottom of the food bowl. She may meow, rub against your legs, or even run out in front of you.


While some cats have learned to live with rude appliances, many of them are very wary and skeptical about things that make noise. A loud vacuum is definitely a ‘Danger, Will Robinson’ moment for Fluffy!

Stranger Danger

Our feline overlords can be quite territorial about their domains. Fluffy will definitely pay close attention if she spots a strange cat—or worse, a dog!—in her  yard. Your pet may growl, hiss, or just silently watch and fume.

Car Rides

Many of our canine patients absolutely love car rides. Our feline ones? Not so much. Fluffy often yells in protest at the indignity all the way to our clinic and all the way home. (Tip: to make the trip easier on your furball, put soft bedding in her carrier, play a radio, and crack a window for her.)

Sheet-Changing Time

Does your cat immediately come running when you change the sheets? Fluffy isn’t trying to get in your way. She’s actually just trying to protect you from the dreaded blanket monster!

As your local Pasadena, MD vet clinic, we are dedicated to helping you keep your kitty healthy, happy, content, and purring. Call us anytime!

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