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6 ‘Pawesome’ Ways To Celebrate National Dog Party Day

June 15, 2020

National Dog Party Day is coming up June 21st! Our canine friends are definitely something to celebrate. Fido will stay loyally by your side through thick and thin, offering you comfort, support, companionship, and, of course, lots of snuggles. That love, loyalty, and companionship are all truly precious. Read on as a Pasadena, MD vet lists some great ways to celebrate Fido’s special day.

Doggy Art

Have your kids been home a lot this summer? Have them get into the fun! They can draw or paint photos of their canine pal. Another option is to have them decorate a dish or toybox for Fido. Or, have them make your pooch some homemade doggy toys, or even a new bed. You’ll find some great suggestions online!


Speaking of toys, there’s no better way to brighten up Fido’s day than by getting him a new plaything. Just be sure to pick something that is the right size for your furry friend.


Our canine patients may not agree on everything, but they are definitely unanimous in their love of treats. Store-bought treats are fine, but Fido can also enjoy some plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken, with the skin, fat, and bones removed. You can even give your pup some bacon or sausage. After all, this is a special occasion! Just don’t go crazy with these fatty treats. They’re okay in small amounts here and there, but shouldn’t be eaten too often.


Whether your pooch is a furry, four-legged bundle of zoom, or a furry, four-legged couch potato, he’ll benefit from and enjoy a good walk. Take a vigorous (or relaxing) stroll with your canine buddy!


Playing is both fun and beneficial for Fido. It keeps him active, entertained, and happy. Taking time to throw a stick or ball for your furry best buddy is a great way to wind down at the end of the day!

Water Fun

If your four-legged friend likes to swim, then by all means indulge him with a trip to a pet-safe pool, beach, or swimming hole. If you’re sticking close to home, let Fido play in the spray from a hose. Or, better yet, get him a kiddie pool to splash around in.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns about your pet’s care. As your local Pasadena, MD vet clinic, we’re here for you!

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