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Bathing Your Bird

June 01, 2020

Birds are very cute and pretty little pets. Just like most other pets, they need regular baths. Read on for some great tips from a Pasadena, MD veterinarian on giving Polly a proper bath.

Keep Polly Warm

Polly will need quite a while to dry off before bedtime, especially in cooler weather. Birds can easily get chilled when wet. Make sure your pet has a warm spot to hang out in.

You Don’t Need Much Water

Most birds can’t swim. In fact, if Polly’s feathers get too wet, she won’t be able to fly, either. The exact amount of water to use will depend on the size of your bird, but it shouldn’t be deeper than your pet’s legs.

Choose The Right Temperature

Birds have very delicate skin, and they can get scalded at temperatures we consider pleasant. They also get chilled easily. Use lukewarm water.

Time It Right

Pick the right time to bathe your feathered buddy. Make sure you’ll be around to monitor and hang out with her as she dries, and that she’ll be dry before bed.

Don’t Use Soap

One common mistake is using soap. Soap will strip the oils from your colorful pet’s pretty feathers. This can actually dry them out!

Don’t Soak Polly

Don’t let your feathered friend get completely soaked. As mentioned above, that’s not good for her. Plus, it will take her much longer to dry!

Try Different Methods

There’s no one-size-fits-all way to bathe a bird. With larger birds, you may be able to put a perch right in your shower, and let your winged buddy bathe under a light spray from the shower. Some birds may prefer having a birdbath in their cage. You can also bathe Polly in your sink or in a shallow bowl. Ask your vet for recommendations. Also, be sure to pay attention to your cute pet’s behavior, and see what she likes best.

Use The Time

When Polly is out and about, drying off, use the opportunity to give her cage a good cleaning. Remember to rotate her toys and perches!

Offer A Treat

When bath time is over, be sure to give your feathered pal a yummy treat. A fun new toy is also not inappropriate!

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