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Puppyproofing Tips

March 15, 2020

Are you a new puppy owner? Congratulations! You’re definitely in for some adorable moments this year. One thing you’ll need to do is take steps to make your home safe for your canine buddy. As little Fido starts teething, he’ll instinctively want to chew on things to soothe his aching jaws. This is a serious safety issue with puppies. Your pet could be in big trouble if he swallows something unsafe! Here, a Pasadena, MD vet lists some of the things you’ll want to address.

Small/Sharp Objects

Anything small or sharp is a definite no-no. This includes things like safety pins, paper clips, coins, nails, screws, jewelry, buttons, beads, craft kits, toys, game parts, fishing lure and tackles, and sewing kit pieces, to name just a few.


Did you know that medications are one of the most common causes of poisoning in pets? Keep all of your meds—both OTC and prescription—safely out of paws’ reach.


The average household contains quite a few chemicals that are toxic to pets. Cleaning agents, drain openers, detergents, automotive products, aerosols, lawn/garden products … the list goes on. Keep these is secure cabinets.


Clothing items, like underwear, socks, hand towels, and shorts, are often quite tempting targets for teething pups.


Wires and cords are another concern. Treat any that can’t be moved with taste deterrent.


Plastic bags, wrappers, and ties are also very dangerous to your furry friend. Store these in a spot your puppy can’t access.


Man’s Best Friend is definitely not above snagging leftovers from the trash. This is quite dangerous, as garbage may contain all sorts of unsafe items, such as can lids, toothpicks, and wrappers, to name just a few. Use trashcans with secure lids.

Personal Items

Eventually, you should be able to teach Fido not to chew your shoes, phone, purse, or remote control. However, for now, keep these in spots where your pooch can’t get to them.

Toxic Plants

Many popular plants are poisonous to dogs! Check the ASPCA site here for more information on safe and unsafe plants.


Some dangerous foods include garlic, onions, scallions, or chives; chocolate; grapes, currants, or raisins; meat on the bone; alcohol; or raw meat, dough, or yeast; or anything containing xylitol.

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