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Tips for Adopting a Rescued Guinea Pig

March 01, 2020

March is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month! If you’re looking for a pet that is small in size but big in personality, look no further! These adorable little furballs—also known as cavies—make really cute and fun little pets. Here, a Pasadena, MD vet offers tips on adopting a rescued Guinea pig.

Consider Getting Buddies

Guinea pigs are very sociable, and can get quite sad and lonely with no buddies to play with or snuggle up to. We always recommend getting more than one. Fortunately, caring for two cavies doesn’t cost much more than caring for one. If you adopt rescued Guinea pigs, you may be able to find two or three that are already bonded.

Get A Comfy Cage

Since your furry friends will spend lots of time in their cage, it’s important to make sure it’s nice and comfy. We recommend getting a cage that is at least 10 square feet for two cavies. Look for one with a solid bottom. Wire floors can be dangerous, and they won’t hold substrate. Consider getting a cage with multiple floors and an enclosed ramp for access.

Go Shopping

A trip to the pet store is definitely in order! In addition to a great cage, you’ll need to pick up a safe substrate, such as aspen, food dishes, a water bottle, and some sort of hide box. You may also want to include a litterbox, and possibly a hayrack.

Do Your Research

Guinea pigs aren’t hard to care for, but they do have some specific needs. For instance, these guys need lots of Vitamin C, as otherwise they will develop scurvy. Do plenty of research, and ask your vet for specific care tips, including cage setup, signs of illness, and safe and unsafe foods.

Find A Good Vet

Just like any other pet, cavies need proper veterinary care. One of the first things you’ll want to do is take your tiny buddies in for a checkup. Look for a good vet that handles small animals.

Get Chew Toys

Guinea pigs have open-rooted teeth, so they need to chew a lot to keep their choppers from overgrowing. You can make lots of your pint-sized pals’ chew toys yourself. Look online for specific ideas and instructions.

Do you have any questions about Guinea pig care? Call us, your local Pasadena, MD vet clinic, today!

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