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Catproofing Your Tree

December 15, 2019

Are you putting a tree up this year? Your feline friend will definitely take note if you do. After all, attacking Christmas trees is one of Fluffy’s favorite holiday traditions! Read on as a local Pasadena, MD vet offers some advice on catproofing your tree.

Choose A Sturdy Tree

A wobbly tree won’t stand much of a chance against a frisky feline. Choose a tree with a solid base. You may also want to secure the treetop to the wall or ceiling with fishing line.

Go Artificial

Fluffy will have a much harder time climbing a fake tree than a real one. Consider getting an artificial tree. This is also cheaper in the long run, as you can reuse it.

Decorate Carefully

Keep your frisky furball in mind when you hang decorations. Fluffy will have a hard time resisting a shiny ornament that’s within paw’s reach! Put the majority of the decorations on the top part of the tree. This will also help keep your cat safe. Tinsel, ribbons, ornament hooks, and fragile ornaments are all very dangerous for playful pets. Hang just a few unbreakable objects on the lower branches.

Choose The Right Spot

If you put the tree right next to a sofa, desk, chair, or anything else Fluffy can jump off, well, you’re kind of asking for it. Try to isolate the tree a bit.

Tire Fluffy Out

When dealing with bad petiquette in kitties, it’s often best to work with them, rather than against them. Give Fluffy some new toys, and play with her every night. Hopefully, your feline buddy will be a bit tired afterwards, and more interested in napping than in knocking the tree over.


Kitties are entirely capable of learning what they should and shouldn’t do. (Of course, cats often do what they want regardless, but that’s another topic.) When Fluffy approaches the tree, clap your hands, squirt her with water, or sound a bike horn. After a few of these incidents, your furball may start reconsidering the pros and cons of going near the tree.

Make The Tree Less Appealing

No luck? Try to make the tree less attractive to Fluffy. Spritz taste deterrent around it. You can also put a puppy gate around it, though that may not help much with the look  you’re going for.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your local Pasadena, MD vet clinic anytime!

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