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Birdproofing Your Home

September 15, 2019

Birds are naturally curious and playful. Unfortunately, they don’t know what is and isn’t safe for them. Therefore, it’s very important for people with birds to make their homes safe for their feathered friends. Here, a Pasadena, MD vet discusses birdproofing your home.


Many pet birds have seriously injured themselves by flying into windows or mirrors, as they don’t recognize glass surfaces as barriers. Drapes or shades will help keep Polly from doing this. Just be careful with the cord: you don’t want your winged pal getting entangled! You can also try putting decals up.


Fans are one of the biggest dangers to pet birds. Turn all of your fans off before letting Polly out to play!

Kitchen Hazards

The kitchen is a very dangerous place for birds! Hot burners, ovens, filled sinks, and pans of boiling water are a few potential hazards. Your colorful pet could also injure herself on cooking utensils, or eat something toxic. Last but not least, fumes from cookware can also make your cute pet sick. The kitchen should be off-limits to Polly, at least while you are cooking.


The bathroom is another dangerous place. Open toilets or filled tubs are drowning hazards. Polly could also burn herself on a hot curling iron. Cosmetics, personal hygiene products, and medicine are hazardous as well.


Avoid exposing your pet to anything that produces vapors or fumes, such as perfumes, spray deodorizers, nail polish, air fresheners, incense, potpourri, and cigarette smoke. Other hazards include paint, markers, glue, and aerosols.


Take a good look at your decorations, and remove anything that could endanger Polly. Candles, string lights, ribbons, and glass ornaments are all unsafe. Fragile knickknacks are also best kept in cabinets.

Small/Sharp Objects

Jewelry, batteries, buttons, pins, paperclips, beads, and anything else that is small or sharp is a definite hazard to Polly. Don’t leave these things out in the open.


Many household chemicals, such as cleaning agents, polishes, paints, pesticides, and automotive products, are poisonous to birds. Keep these things in secure cabinets. Also, remove any toxic plants. You’ll also want to keep anything that may contain zinc or lead away from your pet. This includes things like padlocks, weights, drapery weights, foil, and old coins, to name a few.

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