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Things Cats Don’t Understand

January 15, 2019

Did you know that January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day? Our feline pals are very inquisitive by nature, so it’s not really surprising that there’s a day devoted to their curious streak. If your kitty could actually voice her most pressing questions, what do you think she would want to know about? Read on as a Pasadena, MD vet lists some things that Fluffy hasn’t quite figured out yet.


Our feline friends are adorable, but they really have no concept of privacy. Actually, many cats like to keep their humans in sight at all times. Fluffy will follow you around from room to room, and may even try to accompany you to the bathroom.


Have you ever found your kitty snoozing on your computer? Is Fluffy may be trying to take over the internet by way of osmosis? If so, this might explain why there are so many cat pictures and videos online.

That Red Dot

Our furry pals have been trying to catch that mysterious spot of light for decades. Fluffy may always be perplexed by that little red dot!


Fido is a wonderful pet and companion. However, he doesn’t make much sense to Fluffy. After all, Man’s Best Friend enjoys car rides, won’t use the litterbox, and actually obeys orders!

Car Rides

Most of our feline patients are not purrticularly fond of car rides. In fact, as far as Fluffy is concerned, automobiles are evil robots hurtling her towards certain doom.


It’s probably safe to say that Fluffy doesn’t really grasp the concept of gravity. We suspect that cats have their own laws of physics!


Did you know that cats sometimes deliberately ignore their humans? Kitties also often steal their owners’ chairs, or knock small objects off tables and countertops. They have also been known to groom their bottoms in front of a room full of guests. Clearly Fluffy has no perception of etiquette.


Proper veterinary care is crucial to your feline friend’s health. However, Fluffy doesn’t really see it that way. She just knows she is being taken away from her kingdom and brought to a strange place! (We understand this, and do everything we can to make appointments comfortable for our furry patients.)

Please reach out to us, your Pasadena, MD vet clinic, for all your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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