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Holiday Gifts for Fido

December 15, 2018

Are you still working on your holiday shopping? If so, you aren’t alone. It isn’t always easy finding just the right gifts for people. Don’t forget to pick up something for Fido! Read on as a local Pasadena, MD vet lists some holiday gifts for dogs.


There’s nothing cuter than a pooch peacefully dreaming in his bed. If your pup’s bed is old or worn—or worse, squashed flat—consider getting him a new one. (Tip: if you have a large dog or a senior breed, an orthopedic bed is a good option.)


Dogs are very playful and bouncy, especially when they’re young. Toys help keep Fido active and occupied. They also help keep that cute tail going! You can opt for classic options, like rope toys or balls, or try something a bit fancier. If Fido loves nothing more than chasing tennis balls, get him an automated ball launcher. Puzzle toys are also a great option, especially for dogs that stay home alone sometimes.

Homemade Treats

If there’s one thing that all of our canine pals are universally enthusiastic about, it’s treats. Store-bought treats are fine, but if you like baking, you can also make Fido some snacks. Look online for recipes that use dog-friendly ingredients, like natural peanut butter, plain yogurt, and pureed pumpkin.

Subscription Box

Subscription box services have become quite popular, and with good reason. It’s always great to get a box of surprise goodies in the mail! Why not get your furry pal his own ‘pupscription box?’ Every month, you get to watch your dog get excited when his package of treats and toys arrives.


Did you know that many dogs prefer eating from raised dishes than from bowls on the floor? Give Fido’s dinnerware a ‘pupgrade’ and get him some elevated dishes.

Doggy Play Zone

Do you have a fenced yard for your canine buddy to play in? Make it more fun and comfy for Fido by getting him a doghouse!


Does Fido have a thin coat? He may appreciate having a doggy jacket to wear on cold days.

Stocking Stuffers

Smaller items can also make great gifts. Dental-formula treats and chews, paw balm, booties, and even supplements can all make wonderful stocking stuffers for your furry bff!

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your local Pasadena, MD vet clinic, anytime. We are always happy to help!

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