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Teaching Fluffy Good Scratching Habits

July 01, 2018

Cats have many wonderful characteristics that have made them beloved pets. They’re cute, cuddly, hilarious, and very affectionate. Fluffy isn’t purrfect, however. In fact, she has a few habits that aren’t very popular with her human pals, such as scratching. We can help! Here, a Pasadena, MD vet discusses teaching kitties better manicure habits.

Discourage Bad Habits

Never punish your cat for scratching. Fluffy is just following her instincts, and won’t understand what she did wrong. However, you can discourage her from scratching improperly. One way to do this is to, well, annoy her. When she scratches something she shouldn’t, squirt her with water, make a loud noise, or stamp your foot and say ‘Bad kitty.’

Get A Good Manicure Station

If you want your furball to show better petiquette, you’ll need to offer her suitable scratching posts. Cats like to stretch while they do their nails, so pick something tall enough to allow that. Choosing something sturdy is also important. If Fluffy’s manicure station wobbles when she uses it, she may become wary of it. Cat towers are great options. You can also just attach carpet to a smooth board, and nail the board to the wall. Voila!


Block off Fluffy’s favorite scratching spots by putting potted plants or end tables in the way. If Fluffy is scratching the side of your sofa, use two-sided tape to protect it.


To help Fluffy form a positive impression of her scratching post, you’ll need to sweeten the deal. Sprinkle catnip and toys near your kitty’s scratching post to make it more enticing. Offering your furball praise, toys, and treats for using it will also help. It won’t hurt to tell her she’s a pretty kitty, either. Cats love compliments!

Claw Caps

No luck? Consider getting claw caps for your furry little diva. These are basically fake nails for kitties. They have rounded tips that will keep your cat from ruining your things. Plus, Fluffy can sport fashionable colors, like pink or red. Ask your vet for more information.


Another option is to simply cut your cat’s claws. This is painless and temporary, just like when we trim our nails. We only recommend this for indoor cats, though. If Fluffy goes outside, she’ll need her claws for defense.

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