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Tips for Beating Litterbox Odors

April 15, 2018

Cats are very clean, which is one reason they are such great pets. Fluffy will spend hours each day grooming herself. She’ll also use her own purrsonal powder room to do her business. While the fact that kitties use litterboxes does make caring for them quite easy, your cute pet’s private bathroom can get, well, a bit stinky. Read on for some tips from a local Pasadena, MD vet on beating litterbox smells.


The best way to defeat litterbox smells is also the simplest. Keep your furry pal’s powder room nice and clean! This will also please your feline overlord. No one likes a dirty bathroom! We recommend scooping the box out daily, and changing the litter every week or so. Certain types of litterboxes, such as stackable ones, can make this a bit easier, so feel free to experiment.

Air Fresheners

When it comes to air fresheners, you may find that some work better than others do. Try to choose products that break down scent molecules, instead of just covering them with perfumes. You may want to consider putting a timed-release freshener near your feline buddy’s litterbox.


Plants are another great way to keep your home smelling—and looking—fresh. Just be sure to only choose plants that are safe for Fluffy. You’ll find a full list online at the ASPCA website here.


Make sure that your kitty’s powder room is in an area with suitable ventilation. If you put Fluffy’s litterbox in a spare bathroom, keep the fan running in that room.


What goes into your cat has a pretty significant effect on what comes out of your cat. While Fluffy’s litterbox will probably never smell like roses, extremely foul odors can be indicative of digestive troubles, a poor diet, and/or other medical issues. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Do you have more than one kitty? You’ll need to get separate litterboxes for each furball, plus at least one extra. Cats hate sharing bathrooms!


Choosing the right products can also make a difference. Experiment with different litters, liners, and deodorizers. Some kitties can be purrticular about where their litterboxes are, so pay attention to what Fluffy likes and dislikes.

As your local Pasadena, MD veterinary hospital, we are happy to provide the best veterinary care around. Please contact us if ever we can be of assistance.

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