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Dog Bathing Hacks

March 01, 2018

Does your dog hate baths? If so, he certainly isn’t alone. While we suspect that our canine pals really enjoy feeling clean and soft, they aren’t exactly enamored with the process of getting there. We can help! A Pasadena, MD vet lists great dog bathing hacks below.


Do you usually end up soaking wet after bathing your pup? Get an apron to wear when washing your pooch. Or, get a clear shower curtain, and cut two 4″ slits in it. The slits should be about shoulder-width apart, and should go from the bottom of the curtain up. Hang the curtain before Fido’s bath, and use the slits as armholes.

Kiddie Pool

In summer, use a kiddie pool for bathing your four-legged buddy. You won’t have to worry about cleanup!

Scratch Prevention

Give your pooch a peticure a couple days before his bath. If Fido’s nails are too long, he may scratch up the tub. Putting a rubber mat down in the tub can also help prevent scratches.

Helpful Items

Use a pitcher or teapot for rinsing your furry buddy. You may also want to get a tub attachment made for washing pets.


Does your furry friend run and hide when he knows it’s time for a bath? You may be able to change Fido’s opinion of the bathroom. Call your pooch, and have him get into the tub. Then, instead of giving your canine companion a bath, give him a yummy treat!


Get a shower caddy just for Fido, and keep all of his doggy grooming supplies in it. No more running around looking for individual items!

That Furry Face

Don’t get soap in Fido’s eyes, ears, nose, or mouth! One way to keep your canine friend’s ears dry is to put a shower cap on his head.


Before you bathe Fido, take time to brush him thoroughly. This will help remove dead hair and dander from his coat. The more you capture with the brush, the less you’ll have to clean out of the tub!


Fido has many talents, but his ability to get water all over the bathroom isn’t one of our favorites. Get some sheets of thick plastic, and lean them against the walls to form a barrier.

Please contact us, your local Pasadena, MD pet hospital, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here for you!

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